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Our Mission is...
"to actively develop partnerships with the community to protect life and property, solve community problems, reduce the fear of crime and enhance the quality of life within our city through the provision of prompt, professional, courteous and exceptional public service."

Core Values...

Duty, Honor, Community, Energy, Confidence, Perseverance


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The Canfield Police Department is proud to partner with the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office
to bring the Senior Watch Program to the residents of Canfield. The Senior Watch Program
identifies people that are 60 and older, living alone or with a spouse, who would benefit from
periodic visits from law enforcement. Seniors participating in this program will be routinely
visited by a senior watch patrol officer who will provide informational material and assistance.
The officer also serves as a liaison between the senior and numerous support services offered through various agencies in Mahoning County. For more information about the Senior Watch Program, please contact the Canfield Police Department at 330-533- 4903.


In the last six months….

Did you leave the front door or garage unlocked while you made a quick trip to the grocery store?

Was it too much trouble to check the meter reader’s identification before letting him in?

Did you forget to tell a neighbor that you were going away for the weekend?


Related Tips:


Good locks, simple precautions, neighborly alertness, and common sense can help prevent most property crimes. Get together with your neighbors to keep an eye on each other’s homes. Half of all home burglaries occur the day when alert neighbors could spot the thieves and call the police. Many neighborhoods have started youth patrols, or senior citizen “Window Watches”, or trained people like newspaper carriers and utility employees to watch out for suspicious activity on their routes.


  1. Install good deadbolt locks in your doors. Use long enough screws approx. 2”-3” to secure strike plate to frame. Use them! (about 50 percent of burglars get in through unlocked doors and windows!)

  2. Avoid door locks that can be manipulated by breaking glass or door panels to reach inside. Hinges should be on the inside.

  3. Secure sliding glass doors with commercially available locks with a rigid wooden dowel in the track, or with a nail inserted through a hole drilled in the sliding door frame and projecting into the fixed frame.

  4. Consider grilles or glass block for basement or street level windows.

  5. If you have an alarm system, use it!

  1. Trim back shrubbery that hides doors or windows. Cut back trees limbs that could help a thief climb into second story windows.

  2. Make sure all porches, entrances and yards are well-lighted.

  3. Help keep your neighborhood in good shape. Dark alleys and litter attract crime.

 Burglars hope to avoid confrontations, so make your home look occupied!
  1. Keep garage and doors locked

  2. Use timers to turn on inside and outside lights

  3. Arrange someone to pick up your mail and newspapers.

  4. Call us and let us know that you're leaving and we will check your house while your gone. Call us at 330-533-4903 and leave your information with the dispatcher.

Contact Us
Canfield Police Department
104 Lisbon
Canfield, OH 44406

Phone: 330-533-4903
Fax: 330-533-0741

Canfield Police Department accepts applications for reserve officer continuously throughout the year.

Stop by Canfield Police Department anytime and pick one up. 

For questions about employment:

Contact Chief Colucci

Gun Safety
Firearm Safety Information

Need to be fingerprinted for a civilian background check?

Rx Drug Drop Off
Rx drugs can be dropped off anytime in the secured receptacle located in the lobby.

Vehicle Lock Outs

The Canfield Police Department provides the service of unlocking vehicles free of charge.  A responding officer will request basic information from you. 

The operator of the vehicle will also be required to sign a Waiver of Liability Form.

In the event you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, contact police dispatch at (330) 533-4903.